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Darts and Pool


There are a variety of teams who play darts or pool at the White Lion


Tuesday - September to End of April


Darts - Ladies team -  Towy League


Wednesday - September to End of April


Pool- mixed team - St Clears and District Pool league


Thursday - September to End of May


Darts - Mens team - Carmarthen and District Men's Winter Darts League




Darts - Winter League - September to End of May -  Mixed team - Narberth and District Darts League 

Darts - Summer League -  May to End of September - Mixed team - St Clears and District Darts League




Darts - Super Singles


This is an elite Singles League which takes place approximately once a month. It is a singles league with cash prizes available



For further information about joining any of our resident teams or taking part in the "Super Singles" league, please contact us 

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